Wednesday, February 4, 2009

McDonald's At It Again

LOL... They just can't seem to stay away from those crazy lawsuits.

Woman Claims McDonald's Drink Contained Chemical

Woman Sues, Claims She Was Given A Drink At A McDonald's That Contained A Cleaning Chemical

BALTIMORE, Feb. 4, 2009

(AP) A Baltimore woman said when she ordered an iced tea at a local McDonald's restaurant last year, employees gave her a cup containing a cleaning chemical. Caryl Jones has filed a $100,000 lawsuit in Baltimore City Circuit Court.

The lawsuit alleges negligence and breach of warranty. Jones' attorney, Patricia Steiger, said the cup contained a sanitizer used on kitchen equipment.

Steiger said Jones immediately spat out the liquid when it burned her mouth but was found by doctors to have suffered "a mild or moderate chemical reaction."

Franchise owner Cynthia Brown declined comment on the lawsuit. In a statement e-mailed through a McDonald's spokeswoman, Brown said the matter was being taken seriously.

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